Our Response

As we welcome refugee women and their children into Abba’s house, we will be inviting them into our family—sharing our lives, working side by side with them in the kitchen and community garden, and proiding a space of rest and hope so they are in a better position to continue their resettlement process. Anticipating a stay of 6-8 weeks, we strive towards a clear progression:

Entry phase – provide a safe place to simply rest, heal, and fall apart if needed. We will meet their basic needs as we enfold them into the daily rhythms of life in the Abba’s House family

Middle phase – orient them to American life through volunteers assisting in various areas: practice English, learn the basics of apartment life, navigate a kitchen, shop at a grocery store, receive counseling and spiritual guidance, and participate in the faith life of our Christian community if they choose

Exit phase – progress made towards stabilization: welcome fellow refugees, help with daily tasks of home and garden, engage in productive conversations, share the story of their journey, and actively prepare for the next phase in their resettlement process.


A Refugee Woman’s 8-Week Stay at Abba’s House

House of welcome most similar to us…Jubilee Partners  (outside of Atlanta Georgia).

Nearest refugee houses of welcome to us:


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