A Lenten Litany for Refugees

During this Lenten season, Abba’s House encourages you to pause and consider the least of these in our world. Refugees are some of the world’s most vulnerable people. This is a litany for refugees.* You can recite this quietly to yourself, or in a group setting with the leader reading the first line of each stanza, and the group reading the last stanza in unison. Then, without needing to say any words, just let your eyes dwell and notice whatever the Spirit stirs up in you.

Their feet are tired and aching

Lord, have mercy on their soles

Their backs are hunched and breaking

Lord, have mercy on their souls

We see them there, but too afraid to act

Lord, have mercy on our souls

They fight and hope and pray and scrap

Lord, have mercy on their souls

They come from afar, we don’t know their ways

Lord, help us to trust

We want to care, but it’s hard to share

Lord, help us to give

They’re made in your image, they’re your children too

Lord, help us to love

We’re called by faith beyond ourselves

Lord, help us to live

Lord, help us to see you in the face of

the sojourner

the wanderer

the shipwrecked

the lost boy

the widow

the orphan

the abandoned

the scorned

the displaced


* Litany excerpted from A Better Country: Embracing the Refugees in Our Midst, by Cindy M. Wu (William Carey, 2017), p. 56.

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