Abba’s House Update – Feb.2019

Much has happened since our last blog, and we are excited to catch everybody up on what is going on here at Abba’s House…this home of welcome and care for refugee women and children.

Our first family has come and gone, and is now successfully on their feet and beginning their journey here in the U.S. Mireille and her two boys (Kevin, age 3, and Joseph, now 2) were such a beautiful first family for us. Though hard at times, we look back with great joy and satisfaction at how God was at work to accomplish so much in the two months they were with us. We had so many amazing volunteers who poured their time and heart into this family…and all of us received so much back in return. They are now in their own apartment in Houston, Mireille is working, they have a church family that they dearly love, and they are well on their way.


Our next family is set to arrive on Feb. 14 — Sarah (mom) and Sabrina (age 6) are a Congolese family who will be coming from the Kiziba refugee camp in Kibule, Rwanda. We don’t know many details beyond that at this point, but are so excited to get to welcome them! Very quickly, there will be opportunities for our volunteers to begin signing up to begin working with them — education with the children, and working with the mom on things like how to shop in America, how to open a bank account, ESL, riding a bus, health and hygiene, job interview skills, and so much more. If interested in getting involved, go to our Get Involved page on our website.

We are also (weather permitting) within a week or so of starting a major project here at Abba’s House — the digging of our pond and moving a LOT of dirt to get the rest of our property built up and usable. A huge thank you to Community of Faith, which is sponsoring this project. It will take 3-4 weeks with good weather, and is one of the key pieces in getting our entire property up out of the flood plain so we can begin putting in our gardens, animal pens, orchards, etc. Please pray for favorable weather! And, since we are completely reliant on the generosity of people like you, we are always thankful for people who are willing to volunteer or donate towards these projects.

The coming months will be packed and rich times here at Abba’s House…a busy season after a calm couple of months while we waited for God’s timing to unfold. Once again, we will be issuing the call for a crew of local missionaries to step up and help us as we welcome in these refugees from some of the most difficult situations on earth. We have much to give…as do they. It is such a joy and privilege to help create this space where our two worlds/lives can intersect for a season.

Also, our next two community dinners are set for Feb. 22 and Mar. 29 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. We gather most months for a meal, ministry update, and a time of worship/prayer. It’s a great chance for anybody local to come and enjoy an evening in the home. We’d love to have you if you are in the Cypress area. Like our Facebook page to get the invite and details about these gatherings.


We are so blessed by the support and encouragement that we have experienced as this ministry has been launched. It will be an exciting year of growth and experiences. However God leads you, we would love to have you along on this journey.

— Michael Meissner

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