Abba’s House 2017 update



As we settle into a new year, it seems like a good time to catch everyone up on the latest with Abba’s House, and fill you in on where we stand in terms of fundraising, organization, building, etc. So, here’s your quick 90 second update!

We were so blessed in the last two months of 2016 with a whole slew of individuals and a few churches who rallied around us with their prayers and financial support. LifeBridge church started everything off with initial seed money in the amount of  $177,000 in October. Then, a total of 37 other individuals and groups combined to donate another $58,000…putting our grand total at around $235,000.  That’s a really good start! Thank you to all the generous folks who believe in this ministry and are willing to make an investment in a home that will ultimately touch so many lives.

On top of that, we also have assembled a top notch board, with diverse skills and backgrounds, yet a common love for Jesus and His people. I am so excited to work with these individuals, and look forward to the journey ahead. Just today, we took the first official step towards applying for non-profit status as our own 501c3.

Prayers are needed as we head into the coming weeks. The end of January is a deadline we have set for ourselves as a timeframe for assessing where we stand financially and how we intend to proceed with the building. While there are still some potentially large donations we are hoping will come in these next few weeks, it seems as though our likely building scenario will be to start more humbly and gradually add on the spaces over the next year or two to reach full operating capacity. So, we are looking at a number of options — everything from bringing in a a couple existing older homes, to doing a basic “camp style” construction that allows us to get started with some simple cabins. If anybody has a lead on something, please contact us!  And…we are still holding out hope that somewhere out there is a miracle waiting to happen — a person or group who will be compelled to give that larger donation that allows us to build the entire facility at once and start out at full capacity. Amount still needed: $435,000

Through it all, God has been so faithful in guiding and carrying us. It hasn’t been easy…and almost certainly will get harder as the days continue. But, we see the hand of God in it, and are encouraged daily by the prayers and commitment of God’s people who are stepping up alongside us. God is so good, and we thank Him regularly for each of you.

Spring plans: A visit to Jubilee Partners outside Atlanta to check out the only other program in the USA that we’ve found doing the type of ministry we’re wanting to do. Also, lots of conversations and decisions with the group of guys tasked with helping us determine how and what to build. Likely putting our home up for sale, guiding our church (LifeBridge) through our church’s building process and into our first permanent worship home after 8 years in the public schools, …. and much, much more. Life is busy and full!

Keep posted. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.


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