What Triggers Your PASSION?

refugee-comunity-gardenA number of you have expressed interest in being involved with Abba’s House as we get it up and running, and that reality will be happening in just a few months.  To prepare for the women and children God will bring us, we are currently building our team of those who will be Jesus’ hands and feet to them so that we can start meeting and planning this summer.
FoodDonationBelow is the list of our people resource needs.  Which one triggers your passion?
  • Food Donation Coordinator/Organizer NEED NOW
  • Volunteer/Activity Coordinator NEED SOON
  • Donations (clothing, toys, household items)–Mary Zavala (lead)
  • Prayer TeamWendy Lemmons (lead)–prayer warriors always needed
  • Medical TeamAngie Trevino (lead)–general, dental, optical, ob/gyn, pediatric
  • Teachers for refugee children–need a lead and one or two more
  • ESL certified teacher(s)
  • Translators
  • Children’s Play Therapist
  • Respite Care (people willing to stay in the home with the women and children to give our families a respite break)
Please prayerfully consider if God is drawing you to any of these areas.  If you know someone who is gifted in any of these, please pass this blog along to them.  We will likely bring in our first family this summer, before the house is built, which is why we need a food donation coordinator now.  Let me know if you desire to fill one of these positions.  Thank you for holding this entire team-building process before God in prayer.  He will do abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine!
With peace and joy,

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